November 18, 2018

Temporary or Permanent
Quick Deploy
Heights up to 140'
US Patent #7,098,864


CDMI's Lite-Site is an on grade, ballasted base frame and monopole that creates infrastructure for the communications industry.

CDMI developed and patented the Lite-Site as a portable, standardized, self-contained wireless cell site. The Lite-Site has been used in various communication and non-communication applications where deployment is difficult and time sensitive.

The Lite-Site is a modular system consisting of a base frame (ballasted foundation), monopole, antenna mounts and fence. The Lite-Site is an aesthetically pleasing, PE certified, temporary or permanent site that can be put up in one day. This can help speed up zoning/permitting, delivery and installation so that you beat your deadlines.

CDMI's Lite-Site has been used in hundreds of locations throughout North America in situations from disaster recovery to special events. And when your event is over, you can move your Lite-Site on to the next location. If the Lite-Site satisfies your needs, you can always use it as a permanent PE Certified site.

Lite-Site Question and Answers
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