November 18, 2018


CDMI Wireless Lite Site has been used in wide array of industries. The wireless mobile communications industry is our leading market with over 75% of our products fulfilling industry requirements. We have served the Natural Gas industry of the Marcellus Shale Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania providing Lite-Sites as a communication platform between natural gas well heads and pumping stations. You can find the Lite-Site being used for FAA applications throughout the United States Military applications have included our Lite-Sites for signal testing applications and prototype work. Lite-Sites have even been used by wind power generation industries for study programs.

Potential Industries

The versatility of the Lite Site make it suitable for any industry requiring temporary or permanent communications. Some potential industries include:

  • Surveillance/Security
  • Homeland Security
  • Weather Study Applications
  • Transportation Communications
  • Solar Power Applications
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Communications Backhaul