November 18, 2018


In the ideal world carriers would have complete coverage and enough capacity for all their customers with room to grow. But in the real world there are gaps in coverage and capacity limitations. CDMI’s Lite-Site provides a solution to those real world problems and helps our customers gain control of their networks.

CDMI’s Lite Site offers carriers great advantages over traditional cell sites. The Lite-Site is designed around a rapidly changing industry. The mobile Lite Site gives you agility in your ever changing project schedule. The Lite-Site can eliminate bottlenecks in every step of the site development process resulting in a shortened project timeline. The ability to construct cell sites quickly and get online is only days away.

The versatility of the Lite Site can help streamline processes that normally become very costly. The standardized Lite Site makes unique and challenging sites possible within your network. Temporary, Permanent or Temporary to Permanent, the Lite Site eliminates hurdles too commonly found in today’s wireless revolution.

Temporary Site Solutions

Lite Site 15 Capital WDCThe Lite Site as a temporary site may minimize or eliminate zoning requirements. Some jurisdictions allow temporary sites to go directly to permitting, eliminating zoning altogether. SHPO and NEPA have allowances for temporary sites. The Lite Site can be utilized to help fill holes and gaps in network coverage until a permanent solution is found.

Often special events will overwhelm your network and cell on wheels (COW) may not be an available or effective solution. The Lite Site will take up less room, be more secure, not require guy wires, be more aesthetically appealing and is more structurally sound than a COW. For unexpected events the Lite Site’s quick deployment and simple construction is the solution for getting online.

The length of time for a temporary site can be anywhere from less than three months to upwards of five years. Maintenance of a permanent site can be a lengthy process and open holes in network coverage. The Lite Site can be utilized to fill those holes and keep your network functioning without interruption. The Lite Site can be left in place for as long as required because it is PE certified for permanent placement.

Permanent Site Solutions

CDMI’s Lite Sites offer an alternative solution for your permanent site placement. The Lite Site saves time and money and opens up opportunities for additional cell site locations not previously thought possible. The permanent Lite Site adds value to your project by incorporating all the positive benefits of a temporary site. Additionally, the simplicity of CDMI’s standardized products eliminates variability and allows all phases of your project to run smoothly and efficiently.

The Lite Site’s on grade foundation system opens the door for site locations not possible with a traditional tower foundation. This feature also allows for cost savings across the board from site acquisition to site installation.

Temporary to Permanent Site Solutions

Lite Site 15 Woodbridge baseThe Lite Site offers a solution to many overlooked problems. The value of a temporary site may sometimes be priceless when customer satisfaction is considered. The additional cost to make your temporary Lite Site become permanent is nothing more than a few approvals. All Lite Sites are designed and PE certified for permanent placement.

NIMBY (not in my back yard) can make permanent sites difficult. Getting a site approved through zoning is difficult because people are afraid of the unknown. No matter how good your simulations, people are always skeptical of the outcome and resist change in their backyard. Often a temporary site reduces objections associated with a cell site. The fears of the unknown have been eliminated in transitioning a Lite Site from temporary to permanent. Would it be easier to say that temporary site that has been there for six months we would like to make permanent?

If your temporary Lite Site is not fulfilling your network design requirements, it can be moved or reconfigured to meet your needs and then made permanent. With rapidly changing consumer needs, the Lite Site gives you an ability to manipulate your network and satisfy customer demands without committing to a permanent location. What risks are you willing to take chancing these unknowns on traditional permanent sites?