October 16, 2018

Land Owners

Land Owners As a land owner, what goes on your property is often as important as how much income you make from leasing your property. The Lite Site gives the land owner an aesthetically pleasing, minimal impact site whether you have a single site being installed on your private land or thousands of potential locations on franchised properties. The standardized design simplifies what will need to be done to your property and how it will affect the property value. CDMI stealth monopoles are an option for the Lite Site that allow the tower owner the ability to generate income through co-location. With the on grade foundation, the land owner can be able to lease their land whether it be a single parking spot in a strip mall, an impossible access mountain top or farm land. And if the site is not generating income, it can be completely removed and moved on to another location with minimal financial impact on any parties involved.