November 18, 2018


Lite Site 20 Base ConstructionCost savings is created by systematic procedures simplified by the standardized Lite Site package. The cost savings from use of the Lite Site can be found in all steps of site development and deployment process. Time savings can also be gained through use of the Lite Site from site acquisition to installation, allowing you to bring your system on-line, on time and on budget. The standardized Lite Site simplifies purchasing through the use of minimal parts that are able to produce a great number of possible configurations for your site requirements. Custom configurations can be fabricated if your site requires non standard items.

The ballasted base frame reduces cost variability by eliminating the potential for excessive foundation cost. The Lite Site removes that entire construction process completely, even geotechnical investigation is eliminated from construction cost because of the minimal impact on the ground.

CDMI stocks the standard Lite Site components for quick shipment.