November 18, 2018


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 CDMI has created a family of standardized, quick deploy communications sites. The Lite-Site Ballasted Base Frames and Lite-Pole Monopoles work together to create communications sites that remove delays from the entire site development process.

Lite-Site’s & Lite-Pole’s are quickly assembled form modular stock parts that can be configured for one to four carrier, low visual impact monopole sites reaching heights up to 140′. Tapered monopoles and custom poles are also available with the Lite-Site.

Lite-Sites can be used as a permanent or temporary communications site in places not traditionally thought to be viable locations.

A site can be installed in less than a day on black top or gravel with no below grade foundation.

CDMI has developed a simple assembly process that eliminates variability & error during the construction process streamlining the installation of the site.