November 18, 2018

Lite Site 10

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Lite-Site 10 Overview

Lite-Site 10
The Lite-Site 10 is a quick deploy cell site that fits in a 10′ x 10′ area. The Lite-Site 10 represents a temporary site although is certified for permanent placement. This versatile site can satisfy all communication and non-communication needs in a wide range of industries.

The Lite-Site 10 can be installed in one day on prepared level ground such as compacted gravel or blacktop. Because of the Lite-Site 10 design, it may be installed without specialized tools or equipment. In some instances, the Lite-Site 10 can help simplify zoning and permitting and accelerate system deployment to meet your construction deadline.

Fencing, ballast and specialized tower erection equipment are available with the Lite-Site 10.  The standardized Lite-Site 10 base frame and standardized Lite-Pole monopoles are normally stock items that can be quickly shipped from inventory.

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Lite-Site 10 Lite-Pole
Lite-Poles: CDMI has created families of standardized monopoles to work with the Lite-Site. The Lite-Site 10 can utilized two styles of standard monopoles. custom poles can be built to your specifications if required.

Lite-Pole STP
The Lite-Pole STP (Steel Tapered Monopole) can be assembled to hieghts up to 65′. Each section of pole weighs less than 350lbs and can be handled without heavy machinery. The sections of monopole slip joint together for fast assembly. CDMI manufactures a Gin-Pole to install the monopole in those challenging locations. The Lite-Pole STP can be galvanized and painted if appearance is a concern.

Lite-Pole 1640
This monopole is an aesthetically pleasing affordable stealth pole and obtains heights up to 63′. Antennas can be concealed within shrouds to give a clean appearance to the skyline. The shrouds are capable of concealing antennas and panel or microwave equipment. The Lite-Pole 1640 has shrouded variations to suit your needs.

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Security Fencing

Lite-Site Security Fencing
Fencing options are available with the Lite-Site 10. From traditional chain link fencing, to custom vinyl or wood, CDMI has options to ensure your site is protected.

[tab: Ballast]


A range of material may be used for the ballast of the base frame. CDMI Suggest that the preform concrete blocks be used although a local concrete vendor may supply the ballast. In some instances other methodsof ballast may be used to meet the weight requirements.