November 18, 2018

About Us

Creative Design and Machining, Inc. was incorporated 1993. The focus of work from 1993 was as a supplier of machined parts, mechanical assemblies, designing and manufacturing of customized machinery for customers who required precision machining, welding and fabrication of exotic materials.

Creative Design started-up a new product line (CDMI) in 1996 dedicated to specialized structural steel design, welding and fabrication for wireless communication infrastructure products.

Creative Design/CDMI is privately owned and has in house engineering/design/drafting capabilities. Shop floor employees are specialized in areas of CNC machining, manual machining, TIG and MIG welding, assembly and fabrication.

CDMI is known for high quality and quick delivery. CDMI can custom design and/or fabricate to your requirements both one of a kind and low or high volume products.